bbq burger
grilled veggies and ribs
grilled grilled stack with brie cheese
strawberry salad
arugula salad
butter lettuce wraps
caprese skewers


Welcome to Nonna Pia’s, where the love and passion Nonna Pia has for cooking is embodied in every one of the high-quality products we make.

Drizzle our balsamic glaze over salads, grilled meats, vegetables or even fresh fruit. Add our apple cider vinegar to create your favorite marinades and dressings. Our tomato paste is perfect for soups, sauces and stews. At Nonna Pia’s, we believe that every meal can be elevated with the right ingredients. Our high-quality products are infused with the love and passion of Nonna Pia, and are sure to bring a touch of her home-cooking to your own kitchen.

From Nonna to you, we bring you the finest flavors to elevate any meal. Discover our products now and taste the difference for yourself.