What is a Balsamic Reduction?

Balsamic glazes are made to emulate aged balsamic vinegar. As balsamic vinegar ages, it becomes thicker, sweeter and more robust in flavor…it is also more expensive. Balsamic glazes emulate those exact characteristics without the significant price tag attached.

What does Reduction mean?

In food cookery, to reduce is to decrease the volume of a liquid by slow cooking it over low heat for a long period of time. The purpose of reducing is to concentrate the flavors of the liquid and to increase its viscosity. Unlike our competition, called Balsamic Cremes or Glazes that use starches or gums to make the balsamic vinegar thick, we thicken and concentrate the flavor of our reductions by removing moisture.

Why are Balsamic Reductions sweet?

Most people do not realize that all balsamic vinegar is made from a sweet white grape called the Trebbiano grape. Balsamic vinegar is inherently a sweeter vinegar and as we reduce it, the natural sugars in the balsamic vinegar are concentrated.  Sugar is then added to drop the acidity and emulate the viscous, sweet and full bodied 30+ year old balsamic vinegars. All Aged Balsamic Vinegar and Balsamic Reductions will be sweeter than your younger commercial grade balsamic vinegar.  They are used as finishing sauces to add another flavour dimension to dishes. If you added commercial grade Balsamic Vinegar to your dishes you would kill the flavour of the dish whereas reductions are used to add flavour. There is no such thing as good sugars, but there are lesser of the evils. We avoid high fructose corn syrups and use only non GMO granulated cane sugar to achieve our desired flavor profile.

How do you use Balsamic Reductions?

You hear balsamic reductions referred to as ‘finishing sauces’.  In most restaurants, you will see reductions drizzled on a variety of dishes to add a concentrated flavor dimension and aesthetics to the dish.  At home, drizzle balsamic reduction on your grilled meat, seafood, salads, cheese, fresh fruit, appetizers and desserts. Also incredible drizzled on wings, burgers and homemade pizzas! Impress your friends with artistic flare while making all your dishes taste incredible.

Where does the Balsamic Vinegar come from?

The balsamic vinegar we use is a 5 year aged balsamic that comes from Modena, Italy, the birthplace of balsamic vinegar.

Does the Balsamic Reduction have caramel?

Our balsamic is an aged balsamic that does not have any caramel added. Caramel is typically added to young balsamic vinegar to add depth in flavor and colour to it. This is done because the vinegar has not spent enough time aging in barrels to develop these characteristics naturally.

Are your reductions NON-GMO?

YES! Our products contain no ingredients that are genetically modified and we are certified NON-GMO.

Are all your flavours natural?

YES! We use only fresh herbs and fruits to infuse our reductions.  There are no stabilizers, no thickening agents and no artificial colours or flavours.

Are your reductions Gluten Free?

YES! All of Nonna Pia’s Balsamic Reductions are Certified Gluten Free.


certified gluten free, non-gmo, no added thickening agents, 2 year shelf life

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